New trends in glass technology for the automotive market

Every year brings about prospects for the latest technologies and ideas. Technology continues to rapidly enhance and there’re no signs that it’ll slow down anytime in the future. It’s obvious that just about any industry has undergone positive enhancements. Due to smart technology advancements (according to steel detailers ASB) and this is clearly true when it comes to the field of automotive glass. The new trends in automotive glass for this year already include ADASA, Smart Glass, Gorilla Glass and One way Bulletproof Glass.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADASA

ADAS is a modern system in cars to help with increasing road safety. With safety measures that are built-in, these unique systems help to prevent collisions which have turn into a common occurrence between drivers. These modern systems operate in the way of changing a driver before a problem arises or even taking over control of a car in order to avoid a collision.

Something which should be noted as vital is the fact that most of the Advanced Driver Assistant System tech is present on the actual glass. For this cause, as tech continues to advance, the automatic glass market now needs to equip in order to  repair and replace windshields using this tech.

Smart Glass

Over and beyond the ADAS installations, the glass utilized to make windshield has also become smarter and greater. For instance, the glass is more durable, resilient and lighter, while at the same moment also more sustainable. Windshields, along with windows, have undergone some specific technical upgrades, which allow this sort of glass to react or respond to moisture, temperature, and light along with other factors.

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass was made by Corning’s automatic segment, and the technology might prove to be invaluable to the automotive market. These clean and clear windshields are double as resistant to sharp stones as usual car glass. It is also 50 percent less likely to suffer cracks. In fact, this glass is so hard that it can survive hailstone hurling at 70mph.

Corning Gorilla Glass, which is a variation of mobile screen glass, is very light in weight, which makes cars more fuel-efficient, enhances performance and lowers CO emissions. It is also fully compatible with windshield projection tech and offers 3 times the viewing area with clarity that is 3 times brighter and sharper than the usual glass.

One-Way Bulletproof Glass

Traditionally, bulletproof glass is created to stop the passage of bullets on both sides of the glass. This new one-way bulletproof glass prevents bullets from entering the car but allows them to exist from the inner side. This allows armed bodyguards to fire out of the car.

With this glass technology, there’re 2 layers: an outer layer comprised of brittle glass, and the second layer is a flexible polycarbonate layer. When a bullet hits the glass from the outside, it hits the brittle glass layer first, and the polycarbonate layer stops the bullet. When a bullet is fired from the inside of the car, it hits the polycarbonate layer first with more focused strength. This brittle glass layers then break down outward to let the bullet to pass through.

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