What are the best locking systems of 2019 for your home?

Smart security systems have become increasingly popular in recent times. Among them are smart locking systems that allow you to secure your home remotely and give provide you a way to get back into your home via your cell phones when you have forgotten your keys.

To help you wade via the several options available now, we have rounded up some of the best locking systems of 2019 available now that’ll make your home safer and smarter than ever.

Schlage Sense

If you are looking for affordable, simple to use well-made locking system, the SCHLAGE Sense is a remarkable choice. The locking system is designed simple and large, centering on conventional keypad. With this system installed, you can unlock your home with a custom code, a conventional physical key or with your mobile through your smart home system. The lock system is compatible with Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, and google assistant. It links via Bluetooth or you can control the system remotely with SCHLAGE Sense Wi-Fi adapter.

Yale Deadbolt Lock

The nest system of smart devices – which includes this locking system from Yale – is a simple way to get a number of devices working jointly within a similar app. The lock system is elegantly designed and can be managed via its keypad or the Nest Application. It is compatible with Google but not with Apple or Amazon platform and remote process needs a separate Wi-Fi adapter.

August Smart Lock Pro

Most of the current’s best locking systems replace your complete deadbolt, but the August locking system is less intrusive, it molds onto your present deadbolt, meaning you can continue to utilize your existing keys. The lock is also amazingly designed for brushed metal and works with all major platforms.

Yale Assure SL

This locking system from Yale features similar elegant designs as its cousin, the dead bold locking system, plus even more functions. It is compatible with Samsung, Wink, Amazon, all via Z-Wave systems, can lock mechanically, be managed from your mobile, and simple to install.

Kwikset Kevo

Not only can you use your mobile app or a conventional key to open this locking system, but you can also just tap it to unlock too. The method is the connection the lock system establishes with the mobile in your pocket. This is Amazon Alexa compatible with the Kevo plus Hub.

ADT Smart Lock

The ADT locking system gives you additional security and peace of mind if leave your keys. Using the ADT plus application, you will be capable to double-check that the doors locked and mechanically allow your security systems. With this power locking system you will even receive mobile alerts when somebody enters and leaves your home.

Is the locking system secure?

As with any Wi-Fi connected, there is always a little risk the device will be hacked if the user does not take proper steps to protect themselves. Though, there is also a risk that somebody can breach or pick a normal door lock. By taking proper attention, like using a solid and unique passcode and taking benefit of 2-factor authentication when available, this can help to greatly decrease the threat of a breach.


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