What is the Best Way to dispose of a Mattress?

No doubt, mattress are usually bulky, huge and prove challenging for responsible disposal. This is why
most mattresses end up in landfills. What if we show you how best you can responsibly dispose of your
mattress? If yes, check below.

Top Ways to dispose of a Mattress

 Return to the Manufacturer
 Sell it off
 Charity Donation
 Break the mattress down
 Locate a Specialized Recycling Program

Return to the Manufacturer

You easily return your old mattress to the manufacturer if you buying a new mattress. What you need to
do is to contact the retailer shop and make your findings. If- it is possible to return your old mattress to
get a new one at a discounted rate. Most mattress manufacturing companies indulge in the task of
mattress recycling.

Sell it off

Do you like to get rid of your gently used mattress? Consider selling it for a reasonable price. There are
several online sites you can sell or give it up for free. There is a condition for this method of mattress
disposal. The condition is that your mattress must be clean and be safe to use by others. For instance, if
your mattress harbour bed bugs or any signs of wear, then it's not safe to use.

Charity Donation

Another responsible way to dispose of mattress is to give it out to charity homes or non-profitable
organizations. Churches, homeless shelters can also be a good option to dispose of the mattress

Break the Mattress Down

You can break the mattress into pieces by yourself and maybe use CheapSkips4Hire. You can use sharp objects to cut the mattress into
pieces by removing the fabric covering the foam. Once you are through, you can drop it off with your
regular trash. This is not an easy process- it takes time, energy and space.

Locate a Specialized Recycling Program

Look for a specialized recycling centre close to you. You can donate or sell your mattress to thespecialized recycler in your location. You can also contact local recycler to pick your mattress up for
The above points are the best and most responsible way to dispose of the mattress.

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